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16 June 2017

Hands On Development Study Tour to Nepal

  • Wanting to immerse yourself in a different culture?
  • Open to challenge your perspective of the world?
  • Ready to step out of your comfort zone?

Hands on development is your answer!

Hands on Development tours introduce you to the real Nepal. It is an excellent opportunity to get to know the country through its people.

  • Visit grass roots organisations to get you inspired by local change makers
  • Experience a home stay in remote villages with nepalese families
  • Sight see to gain deeper insight into the cultural and religious beliefs of the people
  • Visit the Seven Women centre where you can connect with resilient women, and also contribute your skills to feel the difference you can make.

Apply Now

  • We run only 4 tours a year with only 16 participants in each tour. 
  • Our tours are normally booked 6 months in advance 
  • Selection is by interview only to ensure great group dynamics.


We want to take people that are open-minded with willingness to learn. If you have a burning desire to contribute to the life of others and are a good team player, this tour is for you.


Submit your online application now or download and email the application form to


  • Don

    As a film producer I have had the privilege of travelling to many fascinating parts of the world, but travelling and filming Nepal through Stephanie’s eyes remains a defining experience. Her deep understanding and intimate connectedness with so many Nepalese people, who live in the world’s third poorest nation, was chance to get behind the gloss of white water rafting and bungee jumping to something very special. Your journey will be filled with rich experiences of joy and moments of soul searching. Be warned, travelling with Steph in Nepal will be a terrific life transforming experience.    

    - Don Palmer, 55yrs, Sydney,

  • photonew

    I met Stephanie and was so inspired by what she had accomplished with Seven Women that I knew immediately that I had to go on her tour. I love travel and especially the opportunity to get a real feel for a country, culture and people… Steph’s tour absolutely gave me that experience. It also gave me a wonderful insight into how to truly make a difference to the lives of impoverished people, above and beyond donating to a charity hotline. I’ve come home a very different person. More inspired, connected and purposeful.

    - Leonie,


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