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Day 5 and 6

We spent the afternoon and the next morning in Bhaktapur, another city in the Kathmandu Valley. From what I’ve seen, Bhaktapur is Melbourne to Kathmandu’s Sydney. Bhaktapur is the cultural centre of Nepal- it was the first capital city and contains many museums and art galleries. It’s nowhere near as crowded as Kathmandu, nor is it quite as touristy.

It’s a very beautiful city. The main area is paved with red bricks and their Durbar Square is lovely. The people also take great pride in the cleanliness of the city; each visitor has to pay 1500R (around $15) to enter the city, and that money is used for restoration and upkeep of the oldest parts of the city.


Krishna, our very knowledgeable guide, took us around the city’s Durbar Square and explained the significance of the temples. His explanations were very interesting and we saw many interesting buildings and heard many interesting stories.

We also got to see pottery square. We were looking at some pots drying when an old man came out and offered to show us how he made them.

We also got to visit a Thanka school. Thankas are highly detailed Buddhist designs, usually painstakingly hand painted or created with coloured sand. Traditionally, Thankas portray the Mandala (a temple representing the values of Buddhism), the life of Buddha (it is always stressed that he was born in Nepal) or the six stages of life (the various states of being before you reach Enlightenment).




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