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  • Jess Pellizzer, 24 years old, Melbourne

    Last year I was enrolled in a placement subject where I needed to chose an organisation to spend a couple of weeks with. Steph spoke about Seven Women and her organisation n a lecture and it was the perfect opportunity for me to gain some hands on experience. In Nepal, I found that there are a lot of organisations doing really good work and some not so good. It’s really important if your going to be working in the development industry to be able to experience the life that these people lived. I definitely recommend you go on the tour. You meet some amazing people and form some excellent friendships. You will have the time of your life!

  • Clara Long, 23 years old, Melbourne

    Hi I’m Clara and I’m studying International Relations at La Trobe. I joined the tour because I liked the people and steph who was running it. I wanted some hands on experience in the industry. If your looking for some fun and a life changing experience, go to Nepal.

  • Marty Moignard, 28 years old, Melbourne

    Hi I’m Marty, I am a student at La Trobe and I went on the last Hands On Development Tour. When we were over there we volunteered at the Seven Women centre and visited a lot of Fair Trade organisations. I really feel like I learned a lot and feel more in touch with developing countries and I feel like iv’e got more of an idea of how I can get involved with effective aid in the world.

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    Sarina, 20 years old, Brisbane

    I didn’t have the money for it at the time so I worked out how much I needed to save per week to meet the deadline, but then realized I wasn’t earning enough. I really value travel and this opportunity was far too good to miss. I work in a nightclub so I’m able to earn tips on top of my wages and I would tell the customers about my upcoming trip and when they found it very inspiring they would tip me and wish me luck. I’m so glad I went to Nepal, it was an incredible experience. I learnt so much being there and also learnt a lot about myself. I highly recommend this tour with Steph as she is an awesome guide and speaks the language fluently. I felt very safe for the whole tour. You must go!!!


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