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Tour Leaders

  • Steph Woollard

    Steph is the founder of Hands On Development. She is passionate about facilitating others to learn, experience and contribute to the country she has grown to love and understand in the past 10 years of her working in grass roots women empowerment. Steph is also the founder of Seven Women which is an organisation that has established 2 women's skills trainers which has trained and employed over 550 marginalised women. Hands On Development was born out of Steph's wish to share what she sees to be very valuable life experience.

  • Erin Torn-Broers

    Erin is currently studying her Masters in Architecture, International and Community Development through Deakin University in Geelong, Victoria. Throughout her degree she has been actively involved with volunteering at the Red Cross, and Architects without Frontiers. Having traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, working and volunteering with various organisations; including Opportunity International, Ozquest and Seven Woman Nepal, Erin has developed a lifelong interest in Community Development work and Cultural Sustainability. Erin first met Steph in Nepal where members helped to build a kindergarten in the remote Village of Sirung. The experience sparked a love for Nepal and its people which has been carried to undertake further involvement with Seven Woman Nepal and now to working with Hands on Development Nepal.

  • Padam Shrestha

    Padam is one of our local tour guides who has over 7 years experience in leading westerners in Nepal. Padam is a masters student of sociology and has a passion in helping those who are impoverished. Padam is a board member of Seven Women Nepal which is one of the organisations visited on tour. Padam is a well connected local who ensures the group is safe and looked after in all local settings.

  • Jaya Tamang

    Jaya is our second local leader on Hands On Development Tours. Jaya has had an extensive career in both working for Australian tour companies operating in Nepal and Nepali led trekking agencies. He is very familiar with tourists and has only fantastic reviews.


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